Our Mission

Our Mission

The mission of the Summit Autism Center is to facilitate collaboration with academic and research partners to study therapeutic interventions for individuals with autism with the goal of improving independence and long-term outcomes for this population.


Who We Are

With a staff of more than 500, a large population of students with autism, and a group of respected collaborators, Summit is uniquely positioned to fill a void in the area of autism research and treatment.  Our staff includes ten doctoral level practitioners, ten board certified behavior analysts, and more than 200 additional professionals with master’s degrees.


What We Do

Our objective is to collaborate with academic institution and research partners to:
1. Apply accepted research methodology to scientifically validate out major intervention models
2. Conduct research that provides a better understanding of how children with autism learn and which instructional methods work more effectively
3. Disseminate what is learned through publishing, training, and consulting
4. Advocate for individuals with autism and their families by influencing public policy decisions

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